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Localisation for Breakfast, Day 1

Hello stranger,


I’ve heard you guys have big plans. International expansion, that’s exciting! And also a little bit scary? Yeah, I’ve been there, too.


I know this mixed feeling of “We’re going to bring our product to more and more people around the world!” and “We’re going to need localisation…?”


You would be looking forward to it if only you knew what “localisation” would involve.


You want to be prepared and do a good job, so you’ve spent some time researching the topic, but you almost regret it. Too many new words and services to make sense of are making this new challenge feel daunting before it has even started. 


The one big, looming question for everyone now is “How on earth are we going to do it?”


Let’s start with the short answer. You’re going to eat localisation for breakfast. 


(Why is “By hiring a localisation manager, agency, or consultancy” not the answer? It doesn’t work, even if you hire them all at once. I’ve tried it, it failed, and you’ll find out why soon enough.)

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