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Tatiana Ryabinina – Management consultant specialised in localisation

I help businesses define
and manage localisation
the way it makes sense for them

I do not help implement best practices in localisation management

Localisation management,
as commonly practiced,
makes no business sense

I invite you to challenge the management practices promoted by the localisation industry and manage localisation the way it makes sense for you.

Localisation industry?
Is localisation a product, a service, or an economic activity?

I would even question whether it’s a process.


But many language industry professionals provide localisation services and sell localisation tools.

Those who manage localisation with their help struggle to explain the localisation ROI, and complain about their stakeholders who confuse localisation with translation.

I have managed localisation
the way everyone else does,
but better, faster, and cheaper

It served its purpose of enabling a global expansion. It turned the company into a unicorn.

But it was a big, unicorn mess.

So I started a consulting business, to save those who could have been my colleagues the challenge of learning localisation from their own mistakes.

Companies offering “localisation consulting services” are easy to find

Yet those who don’t need language services can’t find what they come for. Because these companies refer them to me, I do little marketing for myself.

I help others with marketing and positioning. Like those who have “localised” products for years, but still can’t quite tell what it means or why their customers should care. 

One day one executive understood the scale of this problem for his company. He found a consultancy that advises on localisation. I ended up doing the work. The result is

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