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As you help your company enter new markets, you are expected to solve a range of business problems that don't seem to have a clear solution. They lie somewhere at the intersection of language, culture, marketing, brand, product, design, strategy and operations.

Helping managers solve such problems is what I have been doing (and enjoying) for the past decade. Having built international muscles while working with established global brands, today I share what I have learned with teams who are just starting their international journey.

Tatiana Ryabinina – Strategy & management consultant enabling international expansion & gr


Since co-founding the management consultancy Grow-thru in summer 2020 with the purpose of setting teams up for success in new markets, I have been advising WeWork and Noomworking closely with their international and regional marketing, international strategy and operations, product and content teams


Because my assignments today often include recruiting and selecting localisation managers and translation vendors, designing and optimising localisation processes, and improving performance of translators teams, I collaborate with language services providers and translation technology companies, as well as recruitment teams and agencies.

In 2019–2020, as a solo consultant hired by the business operations team at ClassPass, I designed and implemented a localisation programme that spanned 20 functions, from engineering and business analytics to CRO marketing and legal, to enable the company to launch its platform in 20 non-English speaking countries within 12 months. 

At the same time, I was pursuing an Executive MBA at Cass Business School (now Bayes) where I spent two years solving business and management challenges with a team of 45 senior executives, focusing on international business and corporate strategy for digital and platform businesses

In 2012–2018, I worked as a project manager and strategist in a cross-cultural marketing consultancy, a transcreation agency and an advertising production company. Back then I helped 60+ international and global brands fine-tune and adapt their go-to-market, brand, marketing, and communication strategies to reach customers in 60+ countries and languages by leveraging the expertise of 2,000+ in-market communication specialists as well as business, marketing and brand strategists.

Earlier in my career I worked in sales and customer service, and as a translator of Sanskrit manuscripts for Italy's biggest publishing company.



You tell me what your challenge is, I find the solution on your terms.


1. We start with a conversation to understand your challenge and what success looks like for you.


2. I will give you some answers as we speak. If the task is complex, I will take a day or two to think it through before coming back to you with options.


3. You tell me which direction you want to go, I refine the proposal if needed and we take it from there.

You can hire me for a single assignment or a long-term initiative, on a monthly, weekly, daily or hourly basis.

Based in London, I have led teams, projects and programmes across 60+ countries and 18 time zones, so I can assist you no matter where in the world you, your team and your customers are.

When additional expertise or market-specific knowledge are needed, I rely on my Sydney-based business partner and our trusted network of 1,000+ freelancers spread across 60+ countries

working with me


Arabic (Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, UAE), Azeri, Basque, Bulgarian, Cantonese, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, UK, US), Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, Flemish, French (Belgium, Canada, France, Luxembourg, Morocco, Switzerland), German (Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland), Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian (Italy, Switzerland), Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Luxembourgish, Mongolian, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese (Angola, Brazil, Portugal), Romanian, Russian (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine), Sanskrit, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain, Panama, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela), Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Turkmen, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese

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